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Tips for Better Health… Drink Water to Feel Fuller


I always keep a 24 oz water bottle at my desk and typically go through one water bottler per hour. Today, I was busy and could not drink as much water as normal. The rest of my routine was as normal. I was eating and snacking at the same times and as I have every other day. However, I found myself feeling hungry more than once throughout the day… especially in the afternoon.

No only can drinking water each day help you slim down, but it really does make you feel full. And the best part… you are not adding any additional calories to your diet. Drinking water has so many other benefits… not just keeping the grumbly in your tumbly under control…

By drinking water before each meal, you will consume fewer calories as you will feel full faster. It is suggested to drink a couple of glasses about 20 – 30 minutes before sitting down to eat. This practice can help you reduce your caloric intake by several calories each day… with about an average of 75 calories per meal. So, just by drinking water before lunch and dinner, you could possibly reduce your caloric intake for the day by about 150 calories. Do you know what that means??? That means you could lose around 14 lbs in a year… JUST BY DRINKING WATER!!!

In order to lose 1 lb of weight, it requires a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories. My motto is, “I will not drink my calories”. By switching to water as your beverage of choice, you will reduce the calories in your diet. For example, that morning Starbucks that you grab on the way into the office, by replacing that with water you can reduce your caloric intake for the day by as much as 265 calories. As for those 20 oz bottles of regular soda that you drink at lunch, replace that with water and you can reduce your caloric intake by another 225 calories. Then there is the sweat tea that you drink with dinner. Nix the tea bags, and sugar and just stick with the water that remains and you can reduce your caloric intake by about 180 calories. Just by drinking water in the course of your day in these three instances, you can reduce your caloric intake by approximately 670 calories. That means you could lose around 2 1/2 lbs per week just by picking up the H2O and making it your drink of choice!!!

Keep a water bottle at your desk, in your car and in your refrigerator. Get to drinking and get to losing!!!

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