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Shakeology Recipes… Thin Mint Shakeology

I absolutely LOVE mint!!! I remember as a kid my mom would throw a birthday part for me each year. And being that I LOVE mint, she would buy a pack of thin mint cookies for the spread. Somehow, she never noticed that each and every year there was not ONE thin mint cookie out on the table for the guests. I would hide them in the back of the fridge and end up keeping them all to myself because as a kid, I wasn’t sharing something so delicious with anyone else… lol

When I came across this recipe, I was ecstatic!!! Chocolate, mint and Shakeology… three of my favorite things… all in one shake!!! This was going to be AWESOME!!! Or was it…

thin mint

No matter if it is for a shake, cookies or other sweet, yummy goodness, I have always found that mint extract is very temperamental!!! You can EASILY use just a tad too much mint and the entire taste is overpowered. And somehow, I mess this up EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!!! And I did when I tried this recipe as well.

So, if you can actually get the right measurement of mint, I bet this is so absolutely good that I would have to consider hiding it in the back of my fridge again! Here is hoping that the next time I try this recipe again… I can FINALLY get this right!

Happy blending!


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