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Shakeology Recipes… Berry Banana Nutter

Today, I tried Greenberry Shakeology. I chose Berry Banana Nutter… mainly because it was the only recipe that I had all of the ingredients for… lol.

This recipe is the one that I typically use with Chocoloate Shakeology. With the Chocoloate Shakeology, it is my morning go to… with the addition of 1 cup of spinach and one tsp of coconut oil in the shake. However, the shake had a TOTALLY different taste using the Greenberry.


The peanut butter was not very noticeable in the Berry Banana Nutter shake. Instead of having a “peanut buttery” flavor, it actually tasted like Capt. Crunch Berries. And I have to say, that was always one of my favorite cereals. So even though I couldn’t taste the peanut butter, I still thought that this recipe was a success and would definitely try it again!

Happy blending!!!


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