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My Testimony

Several years ago, I tried a weight loss program. I was briefly successful while I paid to be a part of the plan as I had the accountability of the weekly meetings. Months passed once I was no longer enrolled in the program and the weight began to come back. The culprit… my weakness… SWEETS!!! I not only put back on every pound that I had lost but I also added an extra 20 lbs!


Today, I walked into the break room at work to find an array of snacks (the picture of the goodies being offered up are in the top of the picture above). In the “old” days, I would have taken a donut and carried that back to my desk. That is what others would have seen… however… they wouldn’t see me sneaking one of those tasty snickerdoodle and heath cookies back as well. Sweets ruled my life! They had total control over everything that I did!!!

I would go into a gas station and could not leave without a snicker ice cream bar or chipwich sandwich. I would hear my favorite oreo mint shake calling me from Cookout and the birthday cake shake from Zaxby’s begging for me to pick it up. As I went to complete my property inspections, I would HAVE to stop and get a blizzard if I passed Dairy Queen. Sweets… especially ice cream… were my addiction. No JOKE!!! It got so bad that there were even days where I would give in to the cravings more than once in a day. They weight just piled back on and brought some extra friends this time around.

I then tried 21 Day Fix in September 2015. I did well for 2 weeks; however, they began calling my name all over again. Everyday I would hear them beckon me… and again I began answering those calls!!! I was back to unhealthy habits that all revolved around ice cream, shakes and other gooey, sugar filled “treats”. But then, it all changed!!!

I have not heard my name called in over 6 weeks!!! I have not had one craving for New York Superchunk or any of its friends. I have been offered slices of chocolate cream pie and was able to say, “No, thank you!” I have walked in the break room several times and found goodies awaiting me but left without a single bite. I don’t even feel deprived. I actually have NO desire for them!!! I don’t miss them one bit!

What changed??? Shakeology changed. The first time around on 21 Day Fix I did NOT use Shakeology. I thought, “That is just to expensive. I cannot afford to drink that every day.” But I will honestly say that it is the ONLY thing that has allowed me to get healthy. It literally has stopped any and all cravings. It gives me energy. It regulates things internally for me. It is one of the greatest things in my life… and I am glad I finally gave it a chance. As for it being expensive, I no longer eat the ice cream and shakes. That saves me about $30-$40 per month. I no longer drink soda, which I was drinking 4-5 per day. This is an additional $30 savings per month.

Shakeology may run me about $4 per day but once I offset it by the savings, it truly only runs me $2 per day. And I mean it when I say that feeling as happy and as healthy as I have since drinking Shakeology every day is worth more than the $2, $4 or any other amount that I would pay per day. I will have Shakeology as part of my daily life from here forward because I deserve to feel this great every single day!!!

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